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Latest Add-ins:

  • Agilent Chemstation GC Mass Spectrometer
  • BioTek Gen5
  • Carolina Liquid Chemistry Biolis 24i
  • Hycor Hytec 288 Plus
  • Molecular Devices Softmax Pro 6.3
  • Molecular Devices Softmax Pro 6.3 GxP
  • Shimadzu LabSolutions LCMS Mass Spectrometer
  • YSI 2700

Other Instruments:

LabSpeed LS 5.12 supports:



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  • Enjoy Less Duplication of Effort by Eliminating Excel from the Laboratory


Every lab is different – each has a unique set of instruments, work processes and systems – and that can make adopting an integration solution or moving to a paperless lab application a significant challenge. Closed data formats, cumbersome spreadsheets or other customized work-around solutions are often the only options that are available to work with or manipulate instrument data. Solutions that are available are frequently a poor match to more specific requirements, include features beyond what are actually needed or are priced exorbitantly.

Affordable integration between laboratory instrumentation and supporting systems is now possible by using a single solution – LabSpeed LS. LabSpeed LS is flexible and modular which means that it can easily adapt to eliminate manual processes, data acquisition and transfer gaps. This is achieved without the overhead and complexities typically associated with enterprise-level deployments.

This means that LabSpeed provides the right fit to meet your needs. Without limiting its users, LabSpeed LS is a single solution that can be leveraged even if requirements change or expand over time. It allows you to adapt as needed and can help you realize a fully paperless lab – regardless of the size of your lab or budget.

LabSpeed LS has been developed exclusively for the Life Sciences. For companies that are not involved with the Life Sciences industry, please visit the Topos Technologies website.

Key Benefits:
  • Paperless Lab: By automating and/or eliminating manual methods for data acquisition and analysis, LabSpeed LS can become an integral part of your initiative to move to a fully paperless lab. Data can be quickly analyzed with its powerful analysis tools and then seamlessly integrated into enterprise solutions that are already in place – such as LIMS, ELN, etc.
  • Automation: LabSpeed LS fully automates data acquisition from instruments and eliminates the time, effort and complexities that are associated with manual data transcription – even process execution between instruments is possible. The result is significant gains in efficiency and productivity.
  • Data Integrity: As LabSpeed LS handles all data management functions, the risk of transcription and human error is greatly reduced. Furthermore, LabSpeed LS archives instrument data in its own SQL Server database for long-term retention and historical analysis.
  • Advanced analytic, reporting and statistical tools: LabSpeed LS includes capabilities normally found only in separate software packages such as Crystal Reports®, SigmaPlot®, InfinityQS® and Excel™. This unique “all-in-one” solution facilitates critical, near real-time analysis, insight and data sharing.
  • Affordable: LabSpeed LS has many of the features found only in large, enterprise-level data integration solutions. Without the complexity or high cost that is associated with deploying enterprise solutions or the ongoing maintenance headaches, users can install LabSpeed LS in as little as 15 minutes and support is included free for the first year.
LabSpeed LS v5.12: Highlights
    • 21 CFR Part 11- When enabled, makes Labspeed LS fully 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant and includes:
      • Fully customizable user and rights management
      • Utilizes electronic signatures, either directly at the instrument, or within Labspeed LS during review.
      • Full audit trail capability
      • Adaptable to any LabSpeed LS instrument add-in.
    • Standards Statistical Process Control (SPC) Feature- Automatic calculation of Upper and Lower Control Limits based on a history (Control Group) of data for each standard
      • Control Limits can be specific to one instrument, or assigned to multiple instruments.
      • Standard Limits and Capability reports
      • Real-time monitoring for all or specific instrument control standards
      • Automatic (real-time) popup of Failure warning
    • LabSpeed LS Feature Database- Extends LabSpeed LS data management capability by allowing data from any instrument to be saved into the LabSpeed LS database.
      • Allows data from multiple instrument types and data formats to be stored in a single place
      • Adaptable to any LabSpeed LS instrument add-in. (eg, a "global" feature)
    • Automation Mode- LabSpeed LS can monitor an instrument database for new data and can be setup to:
      • Auto-export to multiple locations with multiple formats, to multiple printers with different print layouts, or export and print more than one sample at a time
      • Match specific sample criteria to Auto-output
      • Auto-output by time or number of samples
      • Automation Mode can run 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

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